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Quick Facts

Important Dates

Invented February 2017
First Edition Released November 2023
Second Edition & Limited Edition Launching Summer 2024

Game Specs

40 oddly shaped American beech (Fagus grandifolia) blocks. Slipcase and drawer packaging.


Misfits: First Edition (Standard Edition)

Misfits: Second Edition (Standard Edition)

Misfits: Limited Artist Edition (Kickstarter Exclusive)

Company Operations

Designed in London, UK. Operating in Victoria, BC, Canada. Registered as a Washington state LLC

Founder and Creator

Alexander Neumann, a 29 year old Canadian graphic designer and front end developer.

Stockists and Demo Copies

Chance and Counters board game cafes, Atomic Comic and Games, Draughts Waterloo cafe, Not Just a Shop (Winter 2023)