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Misfits is the
next classic game.

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Our manifesto

Misfits breathes new life into the classic tradition of stacking games

We’re not every other tabletop game. We have purpose. Something to say. Misfits is about bringing back joy and delight in the world. Wholesome, back-to-basics fun. We threw out the rulebook. It’s that’s simple. A game of suspense. Sabotage. All you need is your hands.

And, unlike the big players, we aim to be radically sustainable. It’s an elegant, beautifully crafted design object. A vision of what play should be. It’s for all generations, and passed down for the next generation.

No two stacks are the same.

It’s nail-biting. Surprising. Delightful.

Simply a magical and
universal experience.

Joy, laughter and delight from gamers across the world.


How It Works

Gather Your Blocks

How it works

Pick Up & Repeat

Players take ten blocks from the box, at random (cube blocks are limited). Players take turns around in a circle to make their play. Each player places one block per turn. The first person to stack all ten blocks in the shared tower wins the game.

Start Stacking!

How it works

Pick Up & Repeat

The first player places a starter block onto a flat surface. Thereafter, no blocks can touch the surface — the only exception is a shape placed inside a hollowed-out block. Players stack blocks on top of this starter block to create a tower.

Pick Up & Repeat

How it works

Pick Up & Repeat

If a player accidentally knocks any blocks during their turn, or if any blocks fall off the tower during their turn, the player must take those blocks and add them to their hand. After the player has collected the fallen blocks, their turn is over. Play continues.


Meet the Family


The Parallelogram

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40 Block Pieces
40 Block Pieces
Design Focused
Design Focused
Sustainable Production
Sustainable Production

What Players are Saying

“Misfits is deceptively simple, yet wildly addictive.”

— Leslie Scott, inventor of Jenga

“Misfits: simple, immediate, a blend of dexterity, art, and creative play. Misfits transforms stacking into an aesthetically pleasing experience, with a touch of magic”

Tom Brewster, on Shut Up and Sit Down's podcast

“This is the dream board game experience”

Yogscast Live, on a livestream with Chance and Counters board game cafe

“See if Ben Rose can get the stack higher than I could. Whatever he achieves, tell him that I got it higher than that.”

Damien Corcoran, former UK and Canadian VP of Whole Foods Market, referencing a North Atlantic VP

“I am fascinated by the playful nature of simple geometry, Misfits takes this engaging quality and translates it into an absorbing game that is both beautiful to look at and fun to play.”

Anthony Burrill, Graphic Artist featured by Apple

“It’s the next staple classic game that everybody should have.”

Hasnae Fourdaous, Photographer

“Misfits has the building challenge of Jenga, but the strategy of Chess.”

Jack Baggins Jones, Misfits game tester

“A beautifully produced game. There's something nice about Misfits looking so good, while being so sly and fun in its gameplay.”

Holly Gramazio, former lead curator for Now Play This, Somerset House, a national British museum

“Well, if that isn’t the end of our marriage”

Nick Coury, Software Architect, on a block play made by his wife

“No matter how many other games we tried those days we were only talking about Misfits. Now, one year after playing the game, we are still talking a lot about it.”

Noémie Weber, Essen Spiel 2019 attendee

“I am very competitive, so I loved that element of Misfits. The game is deceptively simple — highly addictive, thrilling, exciting, fun, and a nail-biting experience.”

Shireena Bawa, Civil Service Executive Officer

"A physically satisfying game — there’s something nice about Misfits looking so good, while being so sly and fun in its gameplay."

Holly Gramazio, lead curator for Now Play This, Somerset House, a national British museum

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Our Core Principles



No more spending as much time learning the rules as you do playing the game. The first time you play Misfits is as good as the last. Misfits is immediate.



We thought hard about how we could get someone who isn’t into gaming to love a board game. We believe our design and our back-to-basics approach is welcoming to players of all ages, languages and genders.



We believe in a future where play is universal and same experience of laughter, delight and joy. All of us innately know how to play; we want to empower people from all walks of life to share the laughter, delight and joy.



We aim to be kind to our planet. No plastics. Just simple, back-to-basics, sustainably sourced materials. Currently, we offer, 50% post-consumer recycled packaging, soy-based ink. In the future, we’ll offer sustainability sourced, conflict-free wood, bio-based PE shrink film, Plastic-Free® certification, 75% - 90% post-consumer recycled packaging. We plan to be one of the first FSC® certified stacking games.

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