Misfits Featured on Shut Up and Sit Down Podcast

Celebrating a Major Milestone: Misfits Featured on Shut Up & Sit Down’s Podcast!

We are beyond thrilled to share some incredible news with our community: our beloved game, Misfits, has been featured on the latest episode of the renowned Shut Up & Sit Down podcast! For those who might not be familiar, Shut Up & Sit Down (SU&SD) is one of the most influential and respected voices in the board gaming world, known for their insightful reviews, entertaining content, and deep passion for tabletop gaming.

Why This Means So Much to Us

Being recognized by SU&SD is a significant achievement and a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication that went into creating Misfits. SU&SD’s reviews and podcasts are revered in the gaming community, often influencing trends and introducing players to hidden gems. Their endorsement is not just a nod to our game’s quality, but also a boost that can introduce Misfits to a wider audience of enthusiastic gamers.

Highlights from the Podcast

In Podcast #241, the SU&SD team delved into what makes Misfits special. They highlighted the game’s unique mechanics, engaging narrative, and the creative design that sets it apart from other games in the genre. Their discussion captured the essence of what we aimed to achieve with Misfits: a game that is not only fun and challenging but also brings people together in a spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition.

One of the standout moments was when they discussed the game’s intricate balance between strategy and spontaneity. On a personal level, hearing about our design goals and thematic choices being appreciated and understood by such seasoned reviewers is what makes me get up in the morning. If you haven’t listened to it yet, we highly recommend checking out the episode above (Misfits starts 28:04)

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire SU&SD team for their thoughtful review and for sharing their experience with Misfits. Their support means the world to us and reinforces our commitment to creating games that delight and engage players.

What’s Next for Misfits?

This feature has given us renewed energy and motivation to continue developing and expanding the world of Misfits. We have exciting plans for future expansions, updates, and perhaps even some new projects that we can’t wait to share with you all. Stay tuned for more news and updates by following our social media channels and subscribing to our newsletter.

Join the Conversation

We’d love to hear from you! Have you listened to the podcast episode? What are your thoughts on Misfits? Join the conversation on our forums and social media. Your feedback and experiences are invaluable to us as we continue to grow and improve.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Here’s to many more adventures with Misfits!

Happy gaming,

Alexander 🎲
Founder & Creator of Misfits

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January 20, 2024

Written By

Dina Ramse