Misfits at Top Drawer 2024

Hosting Leading Brands at Our Booth

John Lewis

We were thrilled to host the team from John Lewis, a renowned British brand known for its high-quality products and commitment to exceptional customer service. Our discussions focused on upcoming trends and potential collaborations, providing valuable insights that could help enhance our offerings and customer experience at Misfits. This engagement emphasized the mutual dedication to quality and innovation that both our companies share.


Engaging with the Waterstones team was enlightening. As a prominent book retailer, their insights into the evolving landscape of book retail were particularly relevant to us. We explored new titles and discussed how the trends in literature and consumer preferences could influence our product selections and marketing strategies at Misfits. Their passion for literature and innovation resonated with our mission to foster a love for books and learning.

Uncommon Goods

Meeting representatives from Uncommon Goods was exciting. This company is known for its focus on sustainability and supporting independent makers, which aligns perfectly with our values at Misfits. Our conversation covered potential collaborations and sustainable practices that could enhance our product lines. Their commitment to ethical production and unique, handmade goods provided us with inspiration and actionable ideas to incorporate into our own operations.

Zatu Games

A highlight was our conversation with Zatu Games, a leading retailer in the gaming industry. They placed an order for 60 units, demonstrating strong interest in our offerings. This partnership is significant as it reinforces our shared mission to bring people together through play. The enthusiasm and dedication Zatu Games showed towards gaming not only validated our efforts but also provided us with strategic insights to further engage the gaming community.

A Memorable Meeting on the Isle of Man

After Top Drawer, we met Damien Corcoran, former VP of Whole Foods, on the Isle of Man. His insights into the conscious capitalism are things we hope to bring into our company.

Exhibiting at Top Drawer 2024 was productive and enriching. The connections we made and the knowledge we gained will influence our future endeavors. Stay tuned for more updates and innovative products coming your way soon!

Alexander 🎲
Creator and Founder of Misfits

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January 17, 2024

Written By

Alexander Neumann